Ok, so most people that know me, know that there is not a day that goes by, that i don't get my Chick Fill-A coke! I know there is coke being sold in many places, but NOTHING like the one from the Chick! Take it from me! A true Coca-cola lover, it is THE BEST tasting one you can buy.

Now, the Chick Fill-A on Saint Pete Beach (click to take you to their page), not only has THE BEST coke, but it has the MOST AMAZING CREW! I love them all like if they were my little brothers and sisters. They are happy, helpful and SUPER respectful! It is something that you definitely don't get in other area fast food restaurants.

At the head of this particular restaurant is Josh Sells; him, his wife Mandie and their handsome boy, are the kind of people you want to get to know. So when they asked me to take their family portraits, i jumped and said YES! I have known them since they moved from Atlanta and have to say their kind hearts have won me over.

We went to a park and had a great time, these are the results. Owen made me run for his pics hahaha. What else do you expect for a healthy baby boy? If you like them, leave a comment!

Also Stop by their restaurant and meet them! Gulf Boulevard on Saint Pete Beach, Fl.

Thanks Sells! Love you guys!


Candice and Carter against all odds!

Ok! So Candice and Carter were going to meet with me downtown St. Petersburg for their engagement session. When i arrive at the spot we were supposed to meet, the parking was restricted due to an event. I roll with it and give Candice a call and let her know about the new location.
So i get there and guess what??? Two weddings going on and could not use the spot! I met them there and asked them to park their car and come with me in mine so we could find the next location (thank goodness i have several favorite spots around here).
Talk about a cool couple! They totally understood and did not loose their cool!
We ended up at the train tracks and had a wonderful time.
These are some of my favorite images, there are too many to choose from.
Can't wait until their wedding, i had a great time working with them.
Thanks guys for being so awesome!


New Product!

Ok, i have been playing around with a technique i learned and wanted to know what you guys thought. Please let me know what you think. I think it will do great with seniors!
Have a great one!


Give Thanks!

The one thing i am most thankful for is my family, so you can imagine how much i enjoy getting to meet new families that want to enjoy the time with each other and make the memories last a lifetime in portraits.
Well, on Thanksgiving day i met two amazing families.
The Fankhauser family was first on the schedule. Very sweet guys from various parts of the US that came together here in Fl where their mom lives. The kids were wonderful, the grown ups too and we had a great time together.
The Cozzie family was scheduled to follow, they were a very large group of 24!!!! I kept telling myself that even as much as it sounded like a challenge, it was going to be ok and IT WAS!
The session went smoothly and we were done and ready to give thanks in no time. The kids were real troopers and very patient during the shoot.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the session. Enjoy!

Thanks to both families for letting me be a part of their special family reunions! I truly enjoyed my time with them.



Sandy and Jerry What a couple!!!

I have taken long to post again but this one is sooooo worth it!
Sandy and Jerry got married at the Don Cesar and after the ceremony i spent my time with them on my own. I normally ask the brides how close i can get them to the water without them feeling like they would ruin their dress.
To my surprise Sandy replied "do you want me in the water", well i could almost hear my  heart racing from excitement. I have done "Trash the Dress" Sessions before, but never on the actual day of the ceremony, so you can imagine my excitement.
Well, i won't say much, just watch the video montage of their beautiful ceremony surrounded by people they love, then our session where we captured amazing pics of her and Jerry and finally how she trashed her dress.
Thank You Sandy and Jerry for being such free spirits and letting me share with you your special day.
Much luck to you both in your future together!!!



I just signed up with the  High School Senior Pictures Photographers Directory  i love doing photo shoots with seniors, they are full of energy and have such different personalities, that you never know what you'll get and that makes it so much more interesting.
They are into sports, books, drama, instruments and yes themselves, but that is what makes it even better. They come with an attitude of look at me and there is nothing better that i want from a model.
So Seniors, give us a call and we will consult with you about what you want the sessions to be like. It is all about YOU!


Zac's Senior pics

Zac is a SENIOR!!!
We spent an afternoon with him and his brother around St. Petersburg in a couple of my favorite spots. They were awesome and we got a bunch of amazing pics, here is a small preview of our time around town.
The thing that i liked the most was that even with his broken arm, he could not wait to get on his skateboard again. Now, that is love!
Jake took the chance to have his session as well, guitar in hand, he also gave me some great images. Soon i'll post his preview.
Thanks Zac and Jake!